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The 53 mb big Patch for Heroes of Might & Magic V was just released by Ubi Soft and is now available for download here at The complete list of bugfixes can be found here! Patch 1.01 is out now! Download + Bug Fixes Bugfixes: - MP does not start if the player states differ - " error" message does not appear after a win in a rating game - Random cities use name and description from map - Profile screen fixes (experience, alignment) - Haven: stables message is back, other messages fixed - Profile screen: random race games now shown correctly - Camera glitches in C1M2 cutscene removed - Item selection in lobby screen fixed - Ghost mode 'guard' command fixed - Ghost mode after disconnection turn transfer fixed - Profile info for other players now accessible - Map info for MP games is localized - The spells added by the library are given to the hero immediately - MP game preferences panel fixed - Autosave option in the create game menu now enabled - "Resisted" combat text fixed - Training games results are not reported to now - Hero perk rolls fixed - Elemental creatures not affecting by Wasp Swarm spell now - Druid Elder's Mana Feed ability fixed - Temptress hero specialization fixed - Some points of Combat AI fixed - 'The Demon Stone' HoMM V Update 1.01 downloaden! You can download the Patch 1.01 here!

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