Your Steps to a free Ladder-Account:

1. Goto

Check your language, click the flag (top right)

2. Open the registration Site by clicking "register".

(below the logo at the left side)

3. Confirm that your age is above 14 and except the terms of agreement. Press the "next step button".


4. Enter your personal details and press the "submit button".

Now your details are confirmed. Email is underway to you!

5. Check your email box to confirm the registration.

6. Also check the spam- and junk-box for the registration if you did not get any message.

7. Copy the activation number mentioned in the confirmation email and follow the "confirmation link".

8. To fulfill the registration enter the confirmation number and press the "submit button".

9. After submitting the confirmation your account is created.

10. To sign up for a ladder, chose your prefered online ladder
in the upper right corner of the site.

11. Chose your Ladder account by clicking the link in the left profile box.

12. Enter your Ladder Nickname. We recommend to chose the same name which was chosen for the registration.

Perfect, its done!

13. If you did not succeed to register or sign up for a ladder contact one of the Ladder Admins via Email, Bim or any other offered Instant Messenger.

14. When any questions, please contact the support here ==>