Your Account

1. Enter the adress in your Internet-Browser

2. Remain logged in? (Left login-window)

3. Forgot your password? Dont worry! Just get a new one!

4. Please enter your membership name and password
Confirm data with send button, your passwort will appear now in your email.

5. After the registration (1,2) the Login window appears left with the options i
"edit profile", "open games" and "BIMs"


6. Press "edit profile"

Your profile appears

It is devided into 3 parts

On the left – Avatar-Settings

Chose your Avatar or take a random Avatar

In the middle part: general settings:

Please note:

- Chose gender, country and timezone to make it easier to communicate with other players
- You can find me here: which ist the best way to contact you online? For example “forum or „icq“ or „xfire
- Language: your prefered language at site. Chose english or german and all sites are in the chosen language (as available)
Get Newsletter: Yes or No!
Starting Site: the site is shown when you login

On the right site: edit your personal settings which are in general not visible to other members

Please note:

Show your private data: you can make them visible for your friends.

######## Buddies

Let us take a closer look at the Buddies-Feature.
Before you can have buddies you need to chose a game you play.

Chose a game you play in the upper right corner below banner:

Click the game

Welcome to the game main page. On the left site in your profile-window you will find a link

Just click your friends to go to the buddies menue

Here you find an overview about all buddies:
- Click a members name to get more information
- Send a BIM (battlefield instant message)
- Send an Email
- Delete Member from Buddies-List

NOTE: Only premium members can have more than three friends at the same time!

This site is to add buddies to your buddies-list. See below

Just confirm by pressing the ADD BUDDIE button.

You pressed the name which brings you to the profile:

You can easily send a BIM from here

Enter the message including the reference and send the message by pressing SEND MESSAGE


On the left site you can see BIM`s (battlefield-instant-messages) Just click them!

You can see the message overview

Here you can read, delete or answer messages
or look which player sent you a message.

You can also navigate to the message-in- (got from others)
or outbox (send yourself):


Read, reply easy...ask for a new game for example

You can do several actions like:

Answer: answer the BIM
Read latest unread message
Delete message
Overview: Back to main overview
Inbox (below): Check your messages or go back