Short Introduction into Ladder

As always, enter the url in your browser

Click the Ladder-Button in the main navigation above the site

The Ladder and League-Overview is shown

This is where you found further information about
- For which Game the Ladder is
- Start of the Ladder
- Developer of the Game
- Game type
- Partner sites
- Featured Ladders
- Ladder Stats

Further more you can get information about the activity of the Laddersand Game-reports about the latest Ladder Games

You can use too the Status-Bar when a Ladder is activated

That is a good and fast way to go to your favourite Ladder-Game

To open the "Ladder-Match-Making-Tool" head left to "important links"

Click it

Welcome to the Lobby!

The Lobby is devided into 4 section (colored green):

1. BF-Ladder Games devided into IP-Games and sheduled Games
2. Your Buddies-List
3. Players online
4. Chat

How to join a Ladder-Game? Just click a Game to enter it

If it is an IP-Game just enter the IP of the host to join the Game
(comfortable and fast)

Did you click a game? Let`s go ahead

Here you can:
- join a game
- leave a game:
- play again
- enter a comment which is send to all players

As host, you can edit or delete a Ladder-Game

So what are you waiting for, join the Game!

Comment here:

That is to slow for you? Maybe try to host an
IP Game to attract our Players!

Let us take a closer look at the menue.

All open IP-Games are listes here ( You can also host an IP-Game) :
- Which Game?
- Decription of the Game
- Game Modus (FFA, Team…)
- IP #

Now click „Add my Game“!

Well done, your Game is now displayed at the main-site!

or in the Lobby.:

If you want to play tomorrow just click
“scheduled Games”

Check the list if there is a game that fits your wishes

If not, just host your own one by clicking “host Game”

Now you can create your own scheduled game

Enter the following Settings:
- Which Game?
- Name of the Game?
- Amount of Players?
- Start-Date?
- Timezone of Host?
- Prefered Mode?
- Game Description

Click “Create”!

Your Game is displayed at the main Site of the Game now!

From up to now, other Players can join your Game!

Click “Back to Overview”

or “Sheduled Games” to go back to the Overview

This Overview shows yours and the other Games again. If there are other Games sheduled at the same time as your Game starts
check if there is a possibility to combine the games to a big Ladder Game:

check if there is a possibility to combine the games to a big Ladder Game: