Further information about the-battlefield.com ladder

1. Report Win

Choose game and than press Report Win:

The Report Win process is devided into 4 steps:
a) Choose kind of report
b) Fill the report form
c) Check the report and confirm the report:
d) Check the result

Please, select the type!
Then we come to the second step:
Enter the asked information

After this, the check-screen (3. Step) appears

Select file and
confirm then!
Wait a while, then the last step will appear

Please check the report a last time!

To send the report press the banner of our sponsor or
if there is no one the submit-Button

The ranking is shown afterwards

The result of the report is computed and you can see the game
at the main page:

If you click All Results all results of ladder games are listed.

2. League Tools

If you click the ladder you are brought to an overview in the statusbar

The overview shows stats or tools to create ladder games and much more like league

For example League-Tools!

Click them to see the Overview how to support the League:
with your own clan
by creating a tourney

If you are a club member you can also administrate the ladder

3. Forum – Your Account

Click the Forum-Button in the statusbar to get to the forum

Login with your:
the-battlefield.com User Name/Nickname
your Password

Press GO to login

NOTE: First Login only!:

Confirm your Username and Email Adress and press


You are now „logged in as”. Note, that your login data count as login data for the forum as well.
The Password are the same

4. BF Club

The-battlefield.com Club is great to meet new people and get in touch to arrange ladder games and Lan-Party`s.
The Club organises special zourneys with Prices and lan events
Furthermore, Club Member have access to additional and special features

Where are the Club Sites?

Click the BF Club-Button in the statusbar

An overview about the Club Offers is shown

If you are not already a Club Member you can sign up here.
To sign up, press the red button “Become BF Club Member”

and process the pay-pal sequence

Through continue button you can inscripe
Note, that you need to have a free pay-pal Account to process.

Note, that you need to have a free pay-pal Account to process.
After you signed up and payed,

you will get a confirmation email. So you get more details about us!

For more contact our support