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The History of the Battlefield :
What stand behind the Battlefield ?
What is the Battlefield for ?
How do i get a free Game Acount ?
Fast Entry : How do i get started, how to Login ?
What is the purpose from Partnership-sites?
Get here the Membershift !
The Battlefield : Functions and Offers
The History of the Battlefield :
The idea of the Battlefield was born when MarkyMark and Napoleon dreamed about a place in the net where players can meet, communicate and play each other, without any big effort and complicated registrations. An easy way to play your favourite online games against people all over the world including up-to-date news, a huge offer of related files, tournaments, ladders and different league systems and much more.
What stand behind the Battlefield ?
The task of the Battlefield is to provide a platform for onlinegames, to offer self updated ladders, tournaments and leagues forthe played games. The Battlefield is a lobby for all who love thecompetition and like to battle players all over the world via theweb. The players report their game results to the ladders,leagues or tournaments and gain points, they raise or drop to otherpositions. Players will be able to play in higher leagues with moreskilled players when reaching special ranks and amount of points! Varied offers make sure that it will never be boring ! Frequentlyarranged tournamenst with prices and awards/medals add to the variedoffer. As you see, many good reasons to get an account ! Players can rate others after "skill and fairness"and their games....and can so upload their saves. And its totally free !
What is the Battlefield for ?
The Battlefield is to offer people a lobby for comeptition by providingself updated ladders and tournaments and different leagues. Collectpoints and wins to raise to a highter league or ladder position! Its from Players for Players....much ideas from players are integrated and it shall be an open system (permanently developing)!
How do i get a free Game Acount ?
Its easy and fast to get an FREE account ! Just klick the link below or JOIN BF under the Nav point BATTLEFIELD !Or get a free account here ! Important ist, that you registrate with a long-live Email...so you get alwaysup-to-date news and can always play in ladder and tourner with one account
Fast Entry : How do i get started, how to Login ?
Its easy to handle the Battlefield. After having a game :
Easy start right on top unter the Profile Area
After login you will see your commname or your laddername.... Yet you can easy use the battlefield-function.Have fun in exploration us!
What is the purpose from Partnership-sites?
The Battlefield stands not alone in the world, partners can help to make the offers from the Battlefieldbetter or perfect. So you can find more infos and players around the Game. Maybe you have then a huge Mod- andMaps section that the battlefield not have. Visit the partners and have fun
The Battlefield : Functions and Offers
Die Battlefield.com Site has much cool Functions and Services :

Free Membershift
Easy Login / Logout
Structurred and easy Navigation
Support much Games
What is Online Status ? Overview about all players which are online at the moment. Contact them by sending them an ICQ message to arrange game by ICQ pager.
Playerlist : A complete list of all Players registered in the Battlefield + Playerlist for every game ! Good overview. Contact your next oppnent and arrange a game !
File Area : Provides maps, mods, units, patches and much more
Game Info : Be up-to-date ! Detailed informations about the played games, like files, news, forums and much more, provided by the-battlefield.com
Self and frequently updated ladders, leagues ! Frequently organized tournaments and special evenst ! Raise to better leagues by beating your ladder opponents ! Win and reach the Elite League!
Easy Report function : Report your game win fast and easy! See the updated ladder after it !
Last Results on each game site : The last Games (10) of each ladder shown on the main game sides !
Your Game: Create your own Online Game with the Battlefield-Meeting Tool or with Ipgames
Profil : Change your Details about private details, hobbies, friends, avatars, startpage and much more
Intern independent message system ! BIM (Battlefield Instant Messenger) named !
Detailed Player Infos : Get latest Infos about the Players...
Detailed Result Infos : Find all Infos here about the reported game
News System: Upload your own News only for trusted Member
Filearea: Patches and Demos
Create Tourney: Create your own Tourney!
Rate Game: Rate your played Games!
Bewerte Spieler: Gib Spielern denen du bereits auf dem Spielfeld begegnet bist eine Bewertung!
Rate Players: Rate your Players, show your experience with them!
Statists: Find All-ranking or much other cool statistics
Council: Be a council member! So you can help us in conflict!
LAN: Be a club Member and play us in LANs
Specials: The-Battlefield-com is always good for new functions and other surprises!
Find here the way to the forum.
Its the best place to talk with us about the-battlefield.com games!
General the-battlefield.com-Rules

The players must be a valid member, when they want use the services and functions from the-battlefield.
No valid account since today?
To be in the ladder, you must be activateted from the gaming community
A BF-Ladder Game must be content at least 2 humans, who plays against the other !
For further rules contact the analogous forum for this game!
The Council have to notified when breaking the ladderrules!
The winner report the game on the reportwin-function! (link analogous game)
Cheaten and unfair playing will not tolerated. When we have a proof, then the account will be atonce deleted and all benefits will be canceled (medals, statistics, hall-of-fame)! Your name will be inserted on the black-list!
In general: No modpacks, utilities and all others mods are not allowed. Exceptions: patches. But maybe a mod is allowed from council, check forums!
Play fair and be friendly to players and opponents. Play to have fun and not to make stress. Its relaxation from the real live. Obscenities, unfriednly behavior will not tolerated and will be penalized from the community (council)
NO MUTIPLE ACCOUNTS ! Players, who create a second account, will be banned (exceptions friends), make no illusions, we can check that.
Wehn player missed a game-date without canceling before, so he lost automatically. Its important to finish games, and its easy unfair to let wait others.
The host (player who create game and run game) have to saved at least all 20 turns or all half hour. Normal shall be autosave on. If game crashed, the last save is to load, after all players joined.
Play always with latest patch! You find it on the patch site or in the analogous game-site.
Inactivate on games: he can lost the ladderaccount (dependly from ladderrules)
When problems in laddergames:
Contact the BF SUPPORT
How the ladder works

General Questions:
Why shall i report a ladder ?
Which reports can be reported?
Where do i find a ladder game ?
How do i set up a ladder game ?
Who reports a game ?
Where do i report a game ?
Where i activate my Ladder-Account?
How i find my IP-Adress?
How i find important informations about network-specifications (ports for firewall, router)?
General Questions:
A Ladder Report is like a FORM you fill out and send it to the Ladder program. By using your form inputs the engine interprete your REPORT and calculate the changes in the referred Ladder. Without reporting a WIN you can't get the benefit from it ! Further, from your reports can you later create a gamerating and playerratingabout the game. Its too necessary to up-to-date statitics about you and players....and all this reports will be included in the allstats (statistics, all-time rankings). Reports can be deleted from all participated players
Why shall i report a ladder ?
A Report is urgently required to upkeep Ladders, Leages and Tournaments.Without reporting a WIN you cant get the benefit from it ! So NEVER forget to report your WIN ! But be aware of reporting WINS you never earned !Reporting wrong Results will insult in BANNING you from the Battlefield ! So be fair and only report Games you really won.
When players have a point of meeting and talking about, then the player community will live and be creativ....so you can profit much more from the community than then players only play without ghost! And you can find easier players for your favourite kind of games
Which reports can be reported?
There are two IMPORTANT things to say which Games can be reported.
FIRST : It must be a Game which is supported at the Battlefield thought active LADDERS! Games which are planned to introduce in the Battlefield are not valid until
Ladders are set up ! You will find ALL Games we support under GAMES at themainpage in the left Navigation.
SECOND : You can only report Games against MEMBERS of The Battlefield ! That means that ALL players, playing a BF Ladder Game need aVALID Battlefield Account ( Join, its free and you are in ! ).
So if you are looking for a BF LADDER game tell people about it and make them join the Community !
Where do i find a ladder game ?
The Ladder Game is always played in the LOBBY or per IP-Adress of the Game and NOT here in the Battlefield !. So first connect to the internet and start theMULTIPLAY, go to lobby (Gamespy for example) or create an ipgame to start a MULTIPLAY game. When you start an IPGame, announce it here on the Battlefield (Function IPgames). In the Lobby than ask Players if they are in the BATTLEFIELD LADDER, if yes, just start a game with them !Its easy to set up a LADDER GAME, but please try to keep in mind some things. ALLWAYS try to put the BF LADDER or Battlefield Ladder in the Game Name you Host. That make sure that OTHER Players see that THIS is a Ladder Game and they will join. Use the Playerfind Function on the Battlefield, so you can always check, ifthe player has a valid account on the battlefield.
How do i set up a ladder game ?
You can use the IPGames function here on the battlefield. All visitors of the battlefield can view your game...! But mostly the players use themultiplayerlobby supported from the game-company. Its here easy to set up a LADDER GAME, but please try to keep in mind some things. ALLWAYS try to put the BF LADDER or Battlefield Ladder in the Game Name you Host. That make sure that OTHER Players see that THIS is a Ladder Game and they will join.
Who reports a game ?
ALWAYS the WINNER of a Game must report the Game so that it can be calculated. Its the best and easier way. Notice, that every player can delete your game.....or can contact the support, when he is not amused about. Dont report games, that was not announced than bf-ladders games. How to Report aGame is explained later on the SUPPORT site.
Where do i report a game ?
A Report is always done at the Battlefield Homepage in the Related Game Section ( i.e. Civilization 3 ). YouCANT report a Game at the Battlefield Main Page ! First visit the Game Page the Game you played and you want to report a Win. Select your game,then use the report win function (left on navbar).
Where i activate my Ladder-Account?
Save your laddername on the ladder-activations-Function. First, select your game from the main and then press join ladder button lefton navbar. Enter you favourite name and confirm it! Then the staffmembers will validate this and will set you free.
How i find my IP-Adress?
Right under Profil, can you see your IP. Or short per http://www.the-battlefield.com/getip.php
How i find important informations about network-specifications (ports for firewall, router)?
Go to the Player communities and talk with them about it. Read manuals about your game and use the forum, then you will find yourdatas for setting up your computer for online game
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