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You are just a few steps away to get your free Battlefield Account, a few steps away from the great world of Multiplay and Competition with Strategy Game Fans from all over the world !

With your account you have full access to all Features and Functions of the Battlefield. Take part in tournaments, win prizes, extra points, medals, honour and much more ! Play Ladder games, report your win, make your way to the top !
Compete with the best players in weekly played Leagues, become famous in the gaming Community ! Find friends in the web, play with them, discuss and chat.

And its ALL totally free, no fees, no monthly payment ! NOTHING ! Join now and become a part of it : THE BATTLEFIELD

YES, I am over 13 years of age.
And YES, I accept the TERMS of agreement below.

1. The-Battlefield.com is hosted by the VEREIN the-battlefield.com (Adminstrators Mr. Mark Flegler and Mr. Patrick Wings).
2. The rules for the account regarding the above mentioned website (the-battlefield.com), has been introduced by the administrators and have to be followed.
3. The rules are binding for players which are members of our site.
4. The-Battlefield.com reserve the right to cancel or delete gamingresults and ban or delete member accounts if members did not follow the rules.
5. All members are bound to keep their email address up to date during their active membership.
6. At least every member has to declare his origin (City, Contry) and his complete name.
7. If the declared data of a member is not valid the admins reserve the right to delete or block an account.
8. Laddernames are only valid for the current gametitle and cannot be reserved for further gametitles which will be added to the site.
9. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies in case of a dispute.
10. Each user is allowed only one account. Violation of this rule can lead to immediate blocking or erasure of the account.
11. Users are required to respect other users independently of ther nationality or religious affiliation. Also the ussers shall comply with all applicable laws regarding your access to your Account and www.the-battlefield.com.
12. Users are not allowed to use functions and offers of the site (BIM, Guestbook, forums) for commercials and/or spam! Except the funcions and offers of the site will be used to advertise internal tounreys, games or clans.
13. User could only participate on actual offers! Offers which are out of date addict.
14. Users which are currently not older than 13 years could not join www.the-battlifield.com on their own. They need a written acknowledgement from their parent(s) or guardian(s).
15. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) reserve the right to forbid the use of www.the-battlefield.com for their children.
16. FAKE REPORTS (wrong/false reports) will not be tolerated and lead to the immediate deletion of the report.
17. In case of breach this aggreement by a user the administrators reserve the right to ban and or delete the account of the corresponding user immediately and without notice.
18. Any violation of the rules will be avenged with penalties, like deletion of medalls and resulsts. Furthermore could the account be deleted.
19. Users are required to keep their communication free of racist, pornographic or otherwise offensive or illegal content. Non-compliance can lead to the immediate blocking or erasure of the user’s account.
20. Accounts of Users/Members who intend to spread trouble and to incite others will be deleted immediately and without notice.
21. Copyrights :
It is forbidden to copy, to spread, to send, to publish or to release content of or on www.the-battlefield.com. Violation of this will be avenged with legal steps.
22. The member accounts are infinite! Laddernames could accodring to the wishes of the corresponding community expire.
23. The administrators may amend the general terms and conditions at any time in our sole discretion. Amendments shall be effective whenever the user was notified and able to review.
24. www.the-battlefield.com provide the Account and all other related services "as is". We do not ensure continuous, error-free or secure operation of your Account of the site.

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